Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Interviews

More interviews are lined up for this week including the Irish Sun and The Soap Show. regardless of what happens next we seem to have broken new ground with our ambition and labours. 9000 views and rising. That's not bad considering we don't have access to the publicity machine that other projects have had. We're also uploading episodes to You Tube as an alternative source. The problem with You Tube is that we have to bisect the episodes in to parts as they do not allow anything over ten minutes long. Vimeo on the other hand do.

I'm unaware of any problems on their servers - but if you have any issues watching episodes [and I know some people have ] then let us know and we'll try and sort the issue out. However most often any issues are local - such as connection, computer, ram etc.

Episode Three debuts tonight [Monday] Viewer discretion is advised as the show contains some swearing and deals with the subject of domestic violence. If you are affected by the subject matter in the episode we recommend you check out


  1. Just watched episode 3. Speechless. Hate to wait for episode 4 though! `Tis a masterful thing you have all done. Thank you.

  2. Just picked up a blurb on Covies is in the Indo and checked the first episode out. Well done, Westport! Hope we here in Kenmare could have thought of it!