Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sizing Up The Competition

When we started on Covies we were aiming to be the world's 1st online soap. We know we are Ireland's first online soap - But it's hard to know what's out there in the big wide world. Then this week I've been contacted by US website We Love Soaps Roger Newcomb runs the site and also runs the Indie Soap awards which are being run for the first time this year. We won't qualify for this year as it's only soaps from 2009. Whether we would find ourselves in the happy position of being nominated for 2010 is of course both too early to say and more than a little presumptuous. There is however a great article on the nominees for the indie soap awards here. I've also had a little look myself. There are seven nominees for Best Indie soap and they are:
Anyone But Me
Diary Of a Single Mum
High Rise

They are all American - but are they all soaps? Compulsions for example is more of a thriller. [very good I might add and my personal favourite] Buppies or High Rise would seem the most traditional - Though Buppies uses Voice Over which you won't find in traditional soaps. Lumina is more Sci-Fi.

Anyhow... go take a look and by all means compare and contrast to Covies. I doubt any of the productions had a smaller budget than we had. Some clearly had much bigger budgets and proper sponsorship.

The phrase for this week I think is: Imagine what we could do if we had the money.

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