Monday, January 11, 2010

Time To Party

Of course being the idiot that I am I didn't bring a camera to last nights launch party. So you'll have to make do with another still. There are official photos which I will post later [when I can get them]

The night went very well with two hundred brave and hardy souls battling the icy weather to get to us. They came from London, Dublin and Galway. They came from all over Mayo. Then I bored them with a speech - fortunately I kept it short and we watched the first three episodes, and two Nelliesodes.

The reaction was fantastic. There's no doubt that using the words "Internet" before the word "drama" or "Soap" gives the illusion of amateur - because of course so much of the stuff on the internet is amateur - that's its beauty really. So the comment we received most was how professional the whole thing is. Which is great because it is professional... the only thing that makes it amateur is the lack of a wage packet. But who knows what might happen next?

So a reminder that we go live tonight with episode one. Enjoy

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